Paradis Sessions

PARADÍS SESSIONS // reykjavík, iceland we record on one camera, with one fixed mic, roaming around the artists on location, and around the mystic icelandic landscape in search of 'what is paradise?' ___________________ 2018 // session #3 - msea (& sunna friðjóns) on location in an underpass in hafnafjörður.

Paradís Sessions is a take home concert. An unplugged video series of concerts asking the artist what PARADISE is. MSEA was lucky enough to be joined by Sunna Friðjons for an unplugged rendition of her two songs “Sex Self” and “Forest Lady”.

on paradise...

"a sense of stillness. no expectations, no desire to be anywhere else. i often connect this to moments spent in nature. on top of a mountain or somewhere where you feel connected to something more than yourself" MSEA

Maria-Carmela Raso